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"Being a new mom was a wonderful and overwhelming experience.  With my own body recovering and going through changes, I was often curious to strike a balance between my intuition on parenting and other advice coming my way.  Courtney made herself available as a constant resource whenever I needed to reach out.  She helped provide knowledge about my body and baby's development.  She also asked questions to help me figure out what the right decision was for me to make as a new mom.  There are as many ways to parent as there are people and Courtney is an amazing non-judgmental resource in navigating the start of that journey."

~Brittany F.

"We recently hired Courtney to help us navigate post partum anxiety and mood disorder treatment options, as well as helping care for a 3 month old. Her knowledge, resources, guidance, and warm demeanor helped us tremendously. She is truly a gift and we are so grateful for her expertise, professionalism, and warmth she offered mom, baby, and family."

~Dusty S. 

"Courtney provided incredible postpartum support for my wife, our baby and I over a four month span, several days a week.

This was our first child. We went to all the prep classes and sought advice from our parent friends, but we realized it may be impossible to plan for the random questions, sleep deprivation, and general lack of real world experience that arise during and after pregnancy. This is where Courtney came in! We used her postpartum knowledge and experience to guide us during day and overnight shifts, for emotional support and lactation consulting, as well as using her as our professional information database.

We interviewed several doulas and even tried one out, and then we came across Courtney. I can truly say from the bottom of my heart that I feel Courtney would be a match for almost any kind of person who is looking for doula support. This is because she is genuine, warm and knowledgeable. She's a patient teacher, kind, and uses empathy to connect with the parents and the baby as well as anticipate their needs. In addition to her perfect-for-being-a-doula soft skills, she also has a vast array of tangible hard skills she uses for things like helping out around the house, confirming your baby carrier is positioned correctly or helping to set up a baby routine. I’m not sure what other traits or skills someone would be looking for in a doula, but she is a perfect 10 in every category we wanted and needed.  We are so grateful to her. I offer this unsolicited written testimonial as a thank you to her and my personal reference if anyone needs it, just ask Courtney for my info. Thank you Courtney!" 

~Chris T.